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No New Posts T H E - H A N D B O O K

The handbook. One of the most handy and important things on the site. It tells you everything you need to know from rules to species and all that jazz. Please read before creating your characters.

Sub-boards: Site Rules, The Species, Powers, Plants, Illness Guide, Map of L'orra

14 24 Power and Aura List
by S T A R
Feb 7, 2012 0:09:45 GMT
No New Posts T H E - P A C K S

Here is all the info you need on the 5 packs of L'orrin.

Sub-boards: Fer'Onna, Sol’Damma, Til’Verya, Dal’Sonna, Lir’Morya, Hal'Tir, Tiz'Raah, Aeris'Ki, Tre'Vida, Clans, Tribes

3 54 new she-wolf
Mar 4, 2012 5:03:27 GMT
No New Posts A N N O U N C E M E N T S

This is where all the important site updates will be kept, feel free to voice your opinions/feedback if you get the impulse =D

Sub-boards: Site Updates, Pack Updates

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No New Posts M E M B E R - H A N G O U T

Relax, pull up a chair. Talk about anything that takes your fancy, introduce yourself, talk about your day, complain... Anything! =D You'll also find games and activities to keep your brains sharp lol

Sub-boards: Introduce Yourself, Random Chatter, Competitions & Activities, Graphics Corner, Farewell for now

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No New Posts S P E E D - R O L E P L A Y I N G

This is where you can Speed Roleplay! You can play anything you like weather it be Equine to Vulpes. There is no word count here so you can write as much or as little as you like! Please be sure to read the guidelines before you begin >> Guest Friendly <<

Sub-boards: Canine , Human, Feline, Equine, Other Animal, Misc.

15 84 Animal I Have Become; || Darius/Damien and Natalie
by Livana
Mar 25, 2012 14:53:35 GMT
No New Posts H E L P ! X D

Confused by something you have seen or 'heard'? need some advice or have suggestions or feedback for us? Then step right in to door number four and our helpful members and staff with wash away your question blues. >> Guest Friendly <<

Sub-boards: Q&A, Suggestions, Feedback, Guides & Tutorials, Handled Questions & Suggestions

104 614 Fighting
by Kodiak
Mar 18, 2012 0:42:24 GMT
No New Posts A D V E R T I S E / A F F I L I A T E

Affiliate / Advertise your site here! - Adverts can be re-submitted every month. >> Guest Friendly <<

Sub-boards: Advertise, Link Back, Affiliate

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No New Posts A R C H I V E S

Old threads will be stored here. If you want one of your threads taken out of the Archives, just PM a member of staff.

Sub-boards: Site Updates, Bio Archives, IC Archives, OOC Archives, Graphics archives, Speed RP Archives

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character creation

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No New Posts Breathe Life

Create your character here. All the rules and forms are inside =D

Sub-boards: Rules and Form, Bios In Progress, Pending Bio's

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No New Posts Accepted Bios

Here is where all the accepted bio's will be kept, organised by species ^-^

Sub-boards: Ferna, Virosa, Ollec, Anima, Niad, Aeveska, Puca, Fusari, Idena, Non-wolves, Hybrids

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No New Posts Adoptions & Pups

Here is where you can adopt characters into story lines or plots. Please also post here if your wolf is expecting pups.

Sub-boards: Adoptions, Pup applications

41 266 Adoptables by Star
by Deleted
Mar 25, 2012 15:27:39 GMT
No New Posts Who Plays Who & Taken Names

Find out who plays who and which names are already taken. =D

2 3 Taken Names
by S T A R
Feb 9, 2012 16:14:49 GMT
No New Posts Plots & Logs

A place where you can plot till' your hearts content. Find enemies, love or even friendship! You can also create logs here to keep track of your characters ^-^

Sub-boards: Plotting, Relationships, Character Logs, Clan Recruiting and plots

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No New Posts The Market

A place where you can trade in your hard earned Oranges for site features and interesting things for your characters XD

Sub-boards: The Checkout & Form, Orange Exchange, Accepted forms

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No New Posts D'Allendra Glade - Home to the Fer'Onna pack

This is the main packland on the Fer’onna Continent. Home to the Ferna Species. This Glade’s atmosphere is very damp and holds a gentle green hue to the air. It’s very hot and humid. The plants and tropical life here is as vast as it is diverse. Flowers and tree’s grow the most vibrant and largest here than anywhere else in L’orra.

Sub-boards: Territory Borders, The Circle , Glasir, Dens, Nursery

14 107 Leaders [Ignis]
by Brian
Mar 23, 2012 4:18:09 GMT
No New Posts Plains of Sol

Named due to the vast amount of sunlight that showers over the plains. They are so flat and vast that they only see about 2 hours of darkness per 24 hours. Only grass and small shrubs inhabit these measureless pastures, apart from one large tree, Amissa, that is said to lie dead center of the Plains. It is told that the tree will guide lost souls to where their heart wants to be. Many try to seek the tree, but countless find themselves lost. left to wander the plains eternally.

Sub-boards: North, East, Amissa Tree, South, West

6 27 Exploring {Open}
Mar 13, 2012 7:03:27 GMT
No New Posts Lake of Venus

An elegant lagoon that sits like a hidden treasure on the land. A pool of cooling and exquisite tasting water flows like silk over the lush, jade beds. A stunning body of water flows from the heavens (known as Ardus) to create a crystalline waterfall that keeps the river flowing. No one knows how the water falls from the sky like that, but natives have aged to respect it all the same. The Venus pool sprouts valuable plant life, that only grow among the marble rocks.

Sub-boards: The Lake, Ardus Waterfall , The Venus Pool , Fishing waters

12 93 Natural or Not [OPEN]
by Script
Mar 20, 2012 5:06:28 GMT


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No New Posts Muratgh Deserts

These deserts are as desolate as they are vast. Hardly anything but the odd tree dappling the distant horizon. The sun is brisk and so hot that mirages and hallucinations are a commonplace trick on the mind. There is one Oasis that resides in the south of the deserts. But strange things are said to happen there. Many have seen and heard the ghost of a white Virosa crying out for the loss of her life, after she had been chased from the Sol’Damma pack.

Sub-boards: North, East, South - Oasis, West

4 30 Tormented (Wolfur)
by ::WOLFURchik::
Mar 18, 2012 19:34:51 GMT
No New Posts Asha Forest

What was once a blooming, delicate forest now lies in crumbling ruin. When the five continents fused, the new species of critters and insects where attracted to this wonderful new haven, but over time they snapped up all the resources and destroyed the once beautiful Eden. Now all that is left are pillars of dead trees and a blanket of crumbling soil to hail the once magnificent forest. One of the reasons the Virosa hate the new world so much.

Sub-boards: The Oak Tree, Blackened Hills, The Caves, Dead Woods, Sombre River

14 115 Gathering {Open}
Mar 24, 2012 22:39:05 GMT
No New Posts The Nephilim - Home to the Sol'Damma pack

A large, grassy expanse that the Virosa were forced to move to when Asha forest was destroyed. The Nephilim is almost like a glade, moss covers each tree. however, this seems to be going down the same route as their last packland as trees begin to lose their leaves prematurely and flowers seldom bloom.

Sub-boards: Territory Borders, The Clearing, The Camp, Hunting glade, Grote-Rand

23 142 A new member(open and alpha)
by Ikaia
Mar 20, 2012 0:09:36 GMT


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No New Posts Ourea Mountains

There are three mountains that circle around the Til’Verya continent; Gaia, Chronos and Erebus. Each have their own certain character, and their own mysterious aura. They are also known as the three titans or the three sentinels. As they protect the Ollec’s main territory which resides in the middle of these three giants.

Sub-boards: Mount Gaia, Mount Chronos, Mount Erebus

13 60 Spread My Wings and Fly Away (open)
by Livana
Mar 19, 2012 0:36:18 GMT
No New Posts Ama’neth - Home to the Til'Verya pack

Home to the Til’Verya pack. A large, grassy expanse that’s nestled cozily between the three Ourea Mountains. There is hardly any breeze here, only the hard beat of the sun from above. Each area has it’s own light, depending on which mountain the light is bouncing off. Large Prey is plentiful here, whilst smaller prey lives on the mountains. Unfortunately this beautiful expanse is just not enough, and the pack plans to claim more land from the other four packs.

Sub-boards: Territory Borders, The fields, Regalis Mon, The Stone Dens, Irrigo River

25 199 thick-skulled idiot]Bebop[
by Brian
Mar 24, 2012 17:35:30 GMT
No New Posts Sula Pass

Sula Pass is large passage that cuts it’s way through the mountains. It’s the only way to get in and out of the continent without having to go over the mountains. A large river travels alongside the pass which is perfect for fishing or for stopping to have a welcome drink. The water is fresh as it has been filtered through the mountain rock – the best water in L’orra.

Sub-boards: Irrigo River, The Passage, Roro Cliffs

11 113 Lacerations {Tsavo}
by Mist
Mar 12, 2012 1:28:05 GMT


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No New Posts Lumen Forest - Home to the Dal'sonna pack

One of the most mesmerizing terrains in the land. Every flower and bloom has it’s own florescent property which makes them glow in the dark; and the tree’s here are so high and crowded that there is always a slight darkness to the forest. The fluorescents in the plants are highly toxic too and can cause and array of problems. In the middle of the forest roots the largest tree in the whole of L’orrin, which is home to the pack which live in the hollow of the tree.

Sub-boards: Territory Borders, Forest, Mother tree, The heath, The three Gems

14 103 Beauty and the Beast || Euphoria and Synyster
Mar 26, 2012 4:13:34 GMT
No New Posts Rhuba Shores

the largest beach which spreads across the main perimeter of the continent. The sands are soft and warm, crammed with life. The stars are the most visible here, which glow like fireflies in the creamy darkness, illuminating the dull night sky. Many star gazers travel here just to watch the world go by. The air is salty to the pant. Crystals and rare stones can be found amongst the sands.

4 39 Social Isolation (Solis)
by Alias
Feb 7, 2012 0:38:08 GMT
No New Posts Silenda Island

Also known as the lonely Isle. An island that is attached to The Dal’Sonna Continent by only a thin slice of land known as The Bridge. The air around The Bridge is thick and foggy due to clouds forming over and under it. The island its’ self is empty of life, as if abandoned by every critter and insect. The air and atmosphere is blanketed in a dense silence that can unnerve even the hardest of individuals. No one knows why nothing lives here, but the feeling alone is enough to send you back where you came.

Sub-boards: The Bridge, The Island

1 10 New Life in a Dead Place(Shadow/open?)
by sabbath
Jan 2, 2012 3:08:36 GMT


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No New Posts Opscurus Forest

Opscurus is a forest that is always shrouded in fog, no matter the weather. Sunlight can barley make it through this fog, but it makes a great place to hide. Because of the thick mist, smells are very difficult to pick out. There is hardly any prey in this area, only a few small mammals that are brave enough to make this place their home. Are you brave enough to enter into the forest? Watch out, you never know what is lurking though the mist.

6 47 Hello, relaxation. [ Quinn ]
by QuinnWoofer
Mar 24, 2012 22:49:42 GMT
No New Posts Rhoad Plains

Just out side of Opscurus Forest, there lays a vast, grassy landscape. Some of the mist seeps from the forest into Rhoad, but this land itself is not coated in it. It is usually overcast though, casting a gloom on the otherwise pretty field. Small flowers grow here and there, and large grazing animals often come here to feed. This is the main hunting ground of Lir'morya pack.

Sub-boards: North, East, South, West

6 35 Innocence Shattered; || Momoka and Archon
by QuinnWoofer
Mar 19, 2012 2:31:19 GMT
No New Posts Erebus Caverns - Home to the Lir'Morya pack

This is where the Lir'Morya wolves make their homes, in these vast expanse of caves. It is rather humid inside, making moss grow around the rocks, making it comfortable and cushioned for them to sleep on. There are many paths and passages leading between the caves, and many dead ends. If any strange wolf tried to find their way inside, they would get lost. There are a few hidden cave pools, and the wolves use this for a water source.

Sub-boards: Territory Borders, The Plateau, Dens, Geist Halskette, The Labyrinth

19 151 Love Me Ðead [Brutus :: for Kutisha]
by . cobЯa
Mar 26, 2012 18:10:34 GMT


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No New Posts Pucaloo Swamp - Home to the Hal'Tir pack

The origin of the Puca species and the place from which they take their name, this is the great swamp in which they live and love. This place is massive and inhabited by a plethora of strange species. It is recommended to walk with caution here, as there's more hazards than you could ever count lurking about in the form of snackers, gators, poisons, quick sand, and so much more.

Sub-boards: Bezreal Delta, The Meeting Bridge, Snacker Flats, Catfish Barrow, The Salt Marshes

3 9 Half a Pound of Twopenny Rice [Tag]
by lilac
Feb 23, 2012 16:34:31 GMT
No New Posts Del'Mara Mountains

The Del'Mara Mountains stand between the Kual'Aadh and the Pucaloo Swamp, acting as a natural barrier that keeps the swamps wet and the deserts unbearably dry. Depending on which side of the mountains you're on, it's either sopping wet or totally barren.

Sub-boards: The Grimace, Bezreal Pass, Unul Forest

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Kual'Aadh - Home to the Tiz'Raah pack

The Land of the Fusari. A various territory of canyons and pure dry desert. During the day it is hotter then anything but at night the temperature drops below freezing. Any creature that doesn't live here should be careful when coming to these lands. You have to be adapted to this area to be able to survive. Prey is little here though bugs come in swarms.

Sub-boards: Kual'Aadh Canyons, The Bezreal River, Kre'Atuhm Cemetery, The Forbidden Lands, The Gorge

8 48 Surprised Meeting {Finished}
Mar 15, 2012 7:26:05 GMT


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No New Posts Tillye Waters

These are the waters and the icy shores where the Idena do most of their fishing or swimming. It is a direct line to the Ocean that surrounds the large island, and the waters are very deep and frigid. There are a few glaciers and ice patches floating on top of the waters, and some rare pockets or underwater caves in its depths. In the good hunting seasons, the fish are plentiful, however, when the harsher winter comes the food tends to be very scarce and hard to come by.

Sub-boards: The High Shore, Glacier Clusters

1 1 An idena's day off [solo/finished]
by Revy
Jan 31, 2012 23:22:14 GMT
No New Posts The Naartok - Home to the Isk'Hart pack

The Home to the Isk'Hart pack, these vast icy plains and snowy hills are where the Ideni make their dens. All over the snow, most of them in clusters around each other, there are tunnels dug out in the snow, made by the females for themselves of for them and their mate. These little igloos provide shelter and warmth during the cold nights, contrary to what it would seem. There are a few cliff faces and mountains rest at the edge of these great plains, protecting them from stronger, cold wind.

Sub-boards: The Dens, Naartok's Heart, The Council, Alpine Spire

2 3 Another day, another adventure {Open}
Feb 26, 2012 11:05:30 GMT
No New Posts Caves of Nellani

These underground ice caves stretch out all throughout the large, icy island, connecting all the different sides. The labyrinth like caves are easy to get lost in, and are dangerous for those who do not know it's path. While protected from the wind, the caves are somewhat warmer than the land above ground, but are known for their dangerous instability in some places, with slippery slopes, sharp stalagmites and deep cracks in the ice, one must know what they are doing down there. However, it is one of the most beautiful sights in all of L'Orra, a magnificent sight to behold.

Sub-boards: Northern & Southern Tunnels, The Shard, Eastern & Western Tunnels, The Wall of Memories, Main Cave

1 17 hold up [open]
by Ikaia
Feb 24, 2012 7:11:00 GMT


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Gravitas Island

Nobody knows why, but the gravity here is far less than anywhere in L’orra, almost comparable to the moon. Have all the fun you like, bounce, jump, hover, fly – but be aware of the plants and trees on this island; Not only are they immeasurably big due to the lower gravity, they also have a certain pesky intelligence, playing tricks, causing labyrinths, and randomly moving on the pretense to confuse and annoy. Getting lost here is very easy, and sometimes impossible to leave.

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Rolanta Quarter Isle

Rolanta used to be inhabited by an advanced race, but now the once thriving metropolis stands in ruin. The whole island is covered in intricate stone cities that are slowly falling back to the earth. Legend has it that wolves were responsible for diving the ancient race to extinction, yet nobody can be sure of this rumor. But also beware, around the complex lies tropical tiki-like forest’s which are full of dangerous creatures and the main home for many dragons. - Resident Clans : Maiara Tribe

4 10 PΛIП [Crystalline :: for Dentarack]
by Villo
Mar 10, 2012 0:30:19 GMT
No New Posts Allantia - the underwater world

Once a part of Rolanta Quarter Isle that sunk to the bottom of the ocean during a catastrophic earthquake said to be caused when the gods were angered. Even going for a light dip in the waters is not advisable, as all wolves that swim here get dragged beneath the waves, and are never seen again. – Do not post here for now, it will become apparent in the new plot -

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Fortune Island - Home to Tre'Vida Pack

The land of bounty, this itty island is something of a tiny tropical paradise. Fruits and flowers grow thickly here, and the scents of citrus can be caught on the wind from miles away. Around here, the treasure is the island. The native dragons all represent and smell like their host flower, too. - Island created by Adagio

Sub-boards: Tri'Pacum Beach-Territory Limits, The Colosseum, Western Wilderness, East Wilderness, The Camp, Desa Lagoon

10 62 Blood and Water // open
by Deleted
Mar 24, 2012 23:34:07 GMT
No New Posts Silas, the white Island - Home to Kar'Shiesh Pack

Quite a curious island where it constantly snows all year round. There are giant tundra’s and underground ice caves here that are home to many unusual and undiscovered creatures. It is one of the least visited places in the whole of L’orra due to its pure emptiness and desolation. The wind speeds here can also get strong enough to knock a wolf off its feet.

Sub-boards: Loki's Hall, Frostbite Cavern, Sleeping Quarters, Silas Spring , The Core

8 70 Missing Something]Open[
by δ NOXXY δ
Feb 28, 2012 14:58:25 GMT


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